Well, here we go. I am sure you have all read a ton of first posts and have seen a million mistakes made on blogs before. Well, as a first time blogger and a first attempt at writing a post I am pretty nervous and have almost no idea where to start.

I am hoping that this can be a place where I review, discuss, discover, and get excited about new books with other people that might enjoy reading the same stuff I do. As a 26-year-old, I don’t have many friends that enjoy reading in my little circle of acquaintances and I have even less friends that read the kind of books that I do.

Perhaps, with this blog, I can make some friends that enjoy reading and we can talk about all kinds of lovely books we like. Wouldn’t that just be something? I was encouraged to start doing this by a lovely lady that can be found here: http://heathersreadinghideaway.blogspot.com/

I know that this is probably the most basic introduction, but I tend to just glance over these things anyway. It’s more of a formality and I know that, it’s just that I like to do things in a certain way and well, it’s my blog. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by, if you did, and let me know what kinds of books you will be reading in the upcoming year! I will be sharing my book stuff on here sporadically, until I can figure out how to be a real blogger or whatever.

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Author: FelMagic

Hello! I am kind of shocked that anyone would make it to this particular section, but I guess here you are. I am 26, happily employed in retail (shocking, I know), crafty, book obsessed, and an avid collector of recipes. I live in a fairly comfortable two-bedroom apartment (damn those upstairs neighbors), and have aspirations to be artsy, booksy, and all kinds of other things in my life. Someday I would like to have a whole room dedicated to just books and book things. I have no pets, but two plants that I absolutely strive to keep thriving. Their names are Frank and Ella. Frank is a proud 9 years old and Ella was adopted (rescued) from Wal-Mart. They treat their plants like crap. That's about all I can think of that makes any sense right now!

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