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I just wanted to have a little section explaining the kinds of books I like to read and my preferred way of reviewing them.

I am a lover of science fiction and fantasy whether it be for young adults or for adults (let’s face it I don’t feel like I qualify for either category anyway). My main reviews will be in these categories, though I might branch out in to a romance novel, or heck – even a business/management or personal finance book from time to time.

I read to improve myself just as much as I read for enjoyment. I appreciate all feedback, commentary, discussion, and interaction on my reviews because I genuinely want to be able to provide some sort of resource that is helpful – even if it is my weird opinions.

So, let’s get in to the ratings and what I mean when I give a book a particular score.

5 Stars:

I am absolutely blown away by this book. Not only did I enjoy the plot, I enjoyed the characters and felt completely invested in the story. I feel like there are no improvements to be made or any pitfalls that the book could have. I probably devoured this book in one or two sittings and could not be coaxed out of the reading cave. Books like these are ones that I will think about all day long, wondering what will happen next as I fold shirts at work or cook dinner! This rating is rare and I am one of those annoying people that can almost always find one thing to improve with a book. If I give a book a five star rating it is definitely a recommended book!

4 Stars:

I really enjoyed reading this book and felt like it had a great story, however there must have been something lacking. I will usually go over this in detail in the review (instead of incessantly gushing about it like I might if it were given a 5 star rating) and will take the time to explain my reasoning. I usually think about these books a great deal while I am not reading them, and will discuss them with coworkers if they ask what I am reading, but I am not so obsessed that I try and guess what happens next. This is still a great book in my opinion and I would happily re-read!

3 Stars:

This book just left me feeling like there was something left to do or accomplish with the characters/plot. This is the middle ground where the book wasn’t exactly bad, but it wasn’t so great that I couldn’t put it down. I was probably easily distracted and didn’t really think about it much after the fact.

2 Stars:

A disappointing read. I usually am quite easy to please when it comes to books and I don’t really go out of my way to try and dislike something. The two stars come in where I found a book that I couldn’t quite get into, but finished reading anyway to see how things played out.

1 Star:

An extremely rare, if ever given, rating that means I didn’t want to finish reading a book. I am a believer in finishing things that we start, so I almost always finish a book. It might take me a month, but I will slog through just about anything to see how it ends. If I give a book 1 star, it will be thoroughly explained in the review. Just know that this rating means I am not a fan, for some reason or another. Again, I say that this is extremely rare.


My opinions might not reflect your own! I am open to discussion and have been persuaded to see things from another point of view before. If you feel strongly that a review I have given is unfair, let’s have a civil discussion about it. I am always up for learning and growing as a person and as a reader and I would love to have some positive interactions regarding these kinds of things. My experiences are not yours and vice versa, so let’s share and grow together. I know that tone is hard to convey over the internet (especially when you are not so eloquent like me), and I might come off one way when I intended something else. Feel free to give constructive critique and I will happily work on the way I write!

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